Friday, October 27, 2006

blog treats... i think

hey people,

how ya'll been? it's been a minute, yeah? sorry about that. since the Thisday post, i have been hard pressed to at least match that but it ain't been easy. the feedback from that was quite crazy and i didn't think anyone would read the whole thing though. thanx for stopping thru. i am still chasing those pics tho and will have them up one day sha.

speaking on the show, i did get some inside scoop but have been sworn to secrecy so unfortunately, i cannot share :( however, what i will say is dude didn't make his money back, at all! but ya'll knew that even though some tried to claim he did.

anyway, this post is just to let you know where to go to, based on what has been going on with moi. worry not, it's just a click away so u won't have to type in long ass urls. so here's what it is:

on the concert tip, after everyone had enjoyed the pump & circumstance of it all, i was going to write on all the down sides of it because good and evil are lovers who just have different views. however, Keith Richards, former head of Guinness Nigeria, a Brit, did a write up that was better more to the point and more detailed than mine would have ever been. read about it here.

i got an alpha tag on music. it was rather basic, not really exciting but you never know what u can find out about people from what they listen to. so check the tag out here.

my girl Icy, a hot model out in Florida decided to honor the Nigerian man (why I don't know) and what was meant to be a weeklong exercise has been accorded an extra week. anyway, she thought i was worthy of being on the roll call, so you'll find your boy in there on day 4.

so, as they say in Nigeria, I HAD TO RETALIATE! so, i gave props to the BADDEST CHICK of them all! Read all about her here.

i have no shame. it is not often i get props, so whenever i do, i grab em yo! so, this is the next personal shout out today HOLLAAAAAAAAAA chi! my homegirl took a hell of a shot that Lois will love (see what u created baby) and i must say, it's hella hot! i don't care if u think so but u be the judge here.

since everyone thinks i'm such a good boy (which i swear i am), i just thought i'd share with the blog world where idle fingers can lead you when you have an internet connection. if you want to appreciate the good works of the LORD and stare in awe at one of his creations, go here now! Thank you KING! this one is really for the guys but i'm sure even chicks will scream WTF @ this one.

and finally, MySpace has spun outta control. I had a myspace spot when no one gave a toss about it but for the life of me i don't know what it is and really do not want to remember. i don't need the wahala. i ain't technicool with the whole html's and ish (word to Mona) so i can't add the audio for Grafh's "MySpace Jump Off" track but you downloaders look for it. anyway, i have only spent one day looking at myspace and it happened to be Jenna Jameson's myspace page. i can hear peeps calling me perve but it is what it is. i like finding out what all kinds of people get up to in their "normal" lives. i am even watching her VH1 Confessions on you tube today. so, if you wanna see her myspace, click here or for the you tube show, click here.

well bloggers, that's enough from me for now. have fun clicking away.

Blog Marley out like my Clark Kent secret!


Blogger Dimples said...

I'm the 1st....nice to have u back hun..and congrats on the "Most Eligible Bachelor” thing…but Icy this chic haba what is it with u and my man...please ask for permission b4 further publications are aired on the world wide web….lol
Have a FAB week all.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Mona said...

lol nice article here

11:34 PM  
Blogger Don Chi as Blog Marley a.k.a. El Senor Supremo said...

YAY 1st! nice 2 be back... I am not the most eligible. i haven't checked Day 6 yet but clearly, so far, I am bottom of the food chain :( U and Icy need to sort this ish out pronto!

thanx love

9:41 AM  
Anonymous ms. may said... you biko. I'm sure you saw all the comments on Icy's blog. Maybe "her" is not so out of reach now. LOL

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Parazone Super Bleach said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Don Chi as Blog Marley a.k.a. El Senor Supremo said...

parazone, if you are a chick, we need to get married for u coming out to do this. Now I have the whole album. Thanx. Hit up and i can hook u up. ;) Do U Wanna Ride with John Legend is my poison right now.

5:39 PM  
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