Monday, August 21, 2006

i apologize

Las Gidi, Nigeria
Monday, August 21st, 2006
Dear Bloggers,
How are you doing today? I hope all is well? Before I go off on a rant like I have been known to do, I will get straight to the point. Accept this, please, as a formal apology for my bad behvior. I allowed myself get sucked into the "do you know who I am" method of thinking. You know how they say, "sometimes, less is more"? Well, that whole thing seemed to be lost on me.
First, it was hi5. I thought it was stupid but then turned into the "unofficial" king of the damn thing. Now with blogging, I only registered to leave a comment on Mo's blog a while back and thought I'd never get involved deeply, then I turned around and created 10 (yes T-E-N) blogs!
10 blogs for what? What the hell could you possibly have to talk about? Well, I do have quite a bit (like a lot of other people) and could easily detail it in one blog but you know how I do. However, after a good convo with my new buddy via the blog world (go Dammie), I have decided to repent. She pointed out that I have lazy fans who cannot keep up with my lunacy. One blog will be fine, she convinced. Then my darling partner in blog, the lovely Mona, made sure she made me feel stupid about the whole thing. She had warned me from jump when I announced I was going to attempt such retardation. I apologize to you dearest milklady for not listening to you.
The thing is, I like order in my activities, so decided to topically arrange my blogs. Bad idea, apparently, as patronage of my spot has dipped. Boo hoo hoo! So now, having come to my senses, I have decided to act accordingly and do away with my blog overload. Yup. Imagine having to give up one of your kids but it's fine. It needs to be done, so it shall.
A quick run through the blogs before they die. This one of course, the Choo Choo Train of Thought, Theater of the Absurd, The Others, Coming Right Outta Left Field, From the Cradle to the Stage, Circle of Life, The Answer Game, E!ntertainment Briefly and C3: Chichi's Classic Cock-Ups. So those are his 10 blogs. To avoid the hassle of deleting and re-posting, I am leaving them where they are, so you can just grab you a little peak if you want to but future posts will be done in here. Sob. I recommend Coming Right Outta Left Field and The Others. I believe they have some interesting reading in there. So check them out before they are forgotten forever.
Now, the catch. As a silly dude, YOU KNOW I AIN'T GONNA GET RID OF EM ALL! Never that. So I am keeping this one (the original) and it will be the main point of reference. When other blogs have been updated, I will place an alert in here and a link, so all you have to do is click.
The other surviving blogs are:
The Others (people have said they'd like to blog via me, so this will house such offerings)
From the Cradle to the Stage (the ludicrious story of my life)
C3 (putting myself on blast, making me look silly)
So that's it. Just 4 blogs. Not bad, eh? Actually, a 5th one is in the making though but it is a collaborative blog that is milky like cereal. It was bound to happen, so enjoy once it is born.
Well bloggers, I hope I am forgiven? I've been naughty. I was feeling cool but ended up looking a fool. I'm sorry for my over-indulgence. Take me back? Am I forgiven? Hope you can accept me again as one of yours.
Your's Sincerely,
Young Blog Marley (It's going' down!)
PS - The Choo Choo Train of Thought received two updates last week that I believe you should check out. It is, after all, the end of the track for that poor blog of mine. Sniff sniff.
Stay positive family.
Don Chi out like Nigeria of the Junior Women's World Cup!


Blogger Mona said...

HEHEHEH ITS OK its ok ure still a great writer tho but with so much stuff we lose direction...go chi!

1:00 PM  
Blogger Don Chi as Blog Marley a.k.a. El Senor Supremo said...

thanx my dear. comforting words of encouragement from you are always smile inducing.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Dimples said...

Finally we thank the Lord!!!..Well done hun..okay hurry up and start blogging..i'm expecting a new thing each day o...i'd spare your weekends sha :)

3:27 PM  
Blogger Don Chi as Blog Marley a.k.a. El Senor Supremo said...

wazat supposed to mean?

3:35 PM  
Blogger Bella Naija said...

wise i'll add a link to this one on my blog...

9:02 PM  
Blogger Don Chi as Blog Marley a.k.a. El Senor Supremo said...

@bella naija:
thanx for understanding :)

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Dammie said...

LoL, Thank God!

1:48 PM  
Blogger Don Chi as Blog Marley a.k.a. El Senor Supremo said...


5:22 PM  
Blogger ABBEY said...

ahn ahn, ten blogs, i can barely keep up with my one...but that's cool its a talent

2:15 PM  
Blogger Don Chi as Blog Marley a.k.a. El Senor Supremo said...

SEE! somebody understands! GOD bless!

4:34 PM  
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