Monday, September 25, 2006


Sup yo?

I done felt cute again. Go check why men cheat.

See ya.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Sup blogheads? Been a minute but I got a bit throwed off and disillusioned with the whole blog thing. Some people abused the system but it's still all good.

I'm still silly with the blog, writing more than is necessary as my attention span is an abstract Uncle Traveling Matt. Well, two have been posted, two are done and one long overdue sequel is being penned, so I should hit ya'll (unfortunately) with a few posts in the next few days. Also been busy captioning pics, people seem to appreciate my photographic lunacy.

Anyway, run and have a look at a pressing (ok that's pushing it.., or is it) issue in the mind of the maniac. Ask yourselves one question: What do you know about security? I don't know much but click that link and come up on what I am aware of. Chuuch.

Blog Marl out like last year

PS - Just added something new about guys. I'll be your friend to the end like Chucky; until you cross that line that is.