Friday, October 27, 2006

blog treats... i think

hey people,

how ya'll been? it's been a minute, yeah? sorry about that. since the Thisday post, i have been hard pressed to at least match that but it ain't been easy. the feedback from that was quite crazy and i didn't think anyone would read the whole thing though. thanx for stopping thru. i am still chasing those pics tho and will have them up one day sha.

speaking on the show, i did get some inside scoop but have been sworn to secrecy so unfortunately, i cannot share :( however, what i will say is dude didn't make his money back, at all! but ya'll knew that even though some tried to claim he did.

anyway, this post is just to let you know where to go to, based on what has been going on with moi. worry not, it's just a click away so u won't have to type in long ass urls. so here's what it is:

on the concert tip, after everyone had enjoyed the pump & circumstance of it all, i was going to write on all the down sides of it because good and evil are lovers who just have different views. however, Keith Richards, former head of Guinness Nigeria, a Brit, did a write up that was better more to the point and more detailed than mine would have ever been. read about it here.

i got an alpha tag on music. it was rather basic, not really exciting but you never know what u can find out about people from what they listen to. so check the tag out here.

my girl Icy, a hot model out in Florida decided to honor the Nigerian man (why I don't know) and what was meant to be a weeklong exercise has been accorded an extra week. anyway, she thought i was worthy of being on the roll call, so you'll find your boy in there on day 4.

so, as they say in Nigeria, I HAD TO RETALIATE! so, i gave props to the BADDEST CHICK of them all! Read all about her here.

i have no shame. it is not often i get props, so whenever i do, i grab em yo! so, this is the next personal shout out today HOLLAAAAAAAAAA chi! my homegirl took a hell of a shot that Lois will love (see what u created baby) and i must say, it's hella hot! i don't care if u think so but u be the judge here.

since everyone thinks i'm such a good boy (which i swear i am), i just thought i'd share with the blog world where idle fingers can lead you when you have an internet connection. if you want to appreciate the good works of the LORD and stare in awe at one of his creations, go here now! Thank you KING! this one is really for the guys but i'm sure even chicks will scream WTF @ this one.

and finally, MySpace has spun outta control. I had a myspace spot when no one gave a toss about it but for the life of me i don't know what it is and really do not want to remember. i don't need the wahala. i ain't technicool with the whole html's and ish (word to Mona) so i can't add the audio for Grafh's "MySpace Jump Off" track but you downloaders look for it. anyway, i have only spent one day looking at myspace and it happened to be Jenna Jameson's myspace page. i can hear peeps calling me perve but it is what it is. i like finding out what all kinds of people get up to in their "normal" lives. i am even watching her VH1 Confessions on you tube today. so, if you wanna see her myspace, click here or for the you tube show, click here.

well bloggers, that's enough from me for now. have fun clicking away.

Blog Marley out like my Clark Kent secret!

Monday, October 16, 2006

i been tagged!

hey peeps.

sorry to leave you hanging after the entertainment brief. will be back and hopefully as good.

anyways, in the meantime, i have been tagged by taureanmunx so check it out here.

even if you ain't tagged, feel free to do it.


Monday, October 09, 2006

humble pie tastes hella good

I had me a tall glass of haterade. That is the way the general populace will see it, so I will humbly agree that I was hating. I would like to say I was being cautious because that’s what it was really but people call it hating, so I will agree and call it hating. The thing is, Nigeria is more or less synonymous with disappointment and I am an optimistic pessimist. It happened with Children of Africa. A lot was promised but not delivered. They did deliver but not as promised.

Then these same Thisday cats promised En Vogue and New Edition on two separate occasions but failed to deliver, the second time lying that they were at the airport when they were comfortable stateside. And these are cats that peaked ages ago and are now on a downward spiral in their careers, so you can understand my disbelief (READ: caution) when they announced they were bringing in the hottest thing hip hop has ever seen, the flyest chick wearing his chain, the Doggfather, the queen, the energizer bunny, a bitch, a one-two stepper and the aforementioned divas. I had to be suspicious. I knew ‘H to tha’ was scheduled to come through as part of his United Nations & MTV Water for Life international tour and that’s all I really cared about but when my boy @ MTV told me this arm of the tour was all Thisday, I got scared that Hovi may not come.

Also, at first, websites only had Jay-Z confirmed as coming, with Busta Rhymes scheduled to be in Anaheim, California on the day he was meant to be here. So you can understand my skepticism. Eventually, Beyonce’s site had her coming through and things were looking promising. However, in all my hateration, people will confirm that I clearly said, “I pray they prove me wrong and do the damn thing.”

So Thisday, Nigerians and blog heads (I hollered on Mona’s blog about my doubts), I owe you an apology. As JC said, “Blessed are they who have not seen but still believe.” And after all that, I didn’t even have the common decency to behave accordingly. I straight disrespected the system. I had said I was not going because there was no way I was paying N25,000 ($192, £104) to Thisday for the concert. After saying I would pay N1m to see Jigga if that’s what it came to if he ever came here. I was hell-bent on not going. And being the Young H-O follower that I am, all my friends were shocked to death. They knew I could afford the 25G ticket and buy the N100, 000 ($769, £416) VIP ticket but I was like, it’s a principle thing. I ain’t going.

Then I go out the night before and the DJ closes proceedings with “Numb/Encore” and I start thinking. Hard! I get home, watch Fade To Black and my stomach starts to hurt but I stick to my guns. Then I remember my boy D. Dot. He’s GTBank (Financers of event – is that by any chance account holders’ money) Security Manager so he should have the hook up. He says nothing is certain but tickets are on sale @ 10 grand ($77, £42) at the Bank so I better hurr’up and scoop me one just in case his plans fall through. I tell my pride, principles, conscience and Ijebu nature that we can live with that. So I rush and buy my extra-common folk ticket (at this point, real friends are calling about these available tickets; you know who you are) and prepare for the show.

I had shorts on under my jeans where I kept my phone (only took one of the five – pimpin’ ;) you know I jus said that to be silly), cash and car keys (parked in an office complex and took okada to the entrance) and a bag with water and juice. Ready to go. But the greatest evil? My friend (you know who you are) telling me cameras weren’t allowed so I left mine in the car. My soul hurts still. Anyway, I still got the mental pics.

So, I get there and chill by the bar for a few with some friends I ran into. I then peep D. Dot walking in with the REAL Don P, so I go say ‘hey’ and Dot (such a good guy and not just because of this) tells me to walk with them and explains to the angry security guy why this dude (me) with a red wrist tag is going to the side of the people (VIP) with green ones. It turns out that, apparently, I am a guest of the MD of GTBank. Well alright. So I hook up with my girls and am telling them the story of how I got in. They’re loving it until this dude in front of us turns round and asks to see my tag, then shows his police ID (I had to laugh because while it was in its own wallet, it was just the regular card with the passport photo and typed info, no badge) and says I need to bounce. He’s being all polite and stuff saying I’ll be embarrassed because security will be going round checking. The girls try to beg but I tell them not to worry, I’ll be right back. I tell the dude he’s a good guy, shake his hand, step to my boy Dot, have a little convo, shamelessly cover my red tag with my black Superman wrist band and walk right back to my girls. Like the first track on Shawn Corey’s first album, you can’t knock the hustle.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pie to finish eating.

Blog Marley out like doubt in Thisday!

If you have all the time in the world (like I seem to do) read the concert blog here. Enjoy... or not!