Friday, November 24, 2006

the cost of pleasure

Hey BHs,

What's really good? I am really loving one great aspect of life now, it is called "possibilities." The possibilities out there are endless and the more i think about it, the more excited I become. I feel we all need to hold on tight to possibilities and take definite steps towards actualizing them. There is a lot going on around me trying to weigh me down but the knowledge of possibilities keeps me smiling.

Here's a middle fingers to detractors. You can't hold me down.

Blogspot is a great form of release for me and has me feeling like Tyrese and Chingy "Every time I try to leave..." You catch my drift. Anyway, with a few people asking me to get back into it, I've been on a mini high, so inspiration is coming thick and fast. All I need is one reader and I know someone is paying attention, so I'ma ride for you. (Adaure, you smell me? Still waiting for that math ma ;) ha ha).

Well, my latest fix came this morning and I was at it again till 4am. I feel it was worth it. I hope you do too. Call it a short story or look at it like a 5 page novel. Hint, it is a bit on the long side but I think it is worth the read. If you can, take it bit by bit, no rush but I really feel good about it and cannot wait for your feedback. If you catch it in direct response to how I threw it, I feel you will go back to the top and read it again to see how everything fits in. I really hope you like it because I am very excited about it. And if you aren't, I will be disappointed but will chin up, chalk it up in the "miss" column, then get back on my Grizzly. Guaranteed.

A line from Jay-Z's "Beach Chair" is my new personal mantra:

"Son said Hov, how you get so fly?/I said from not being afraid to fall out the sky"

That's my new mantra. I am not afraid to fall cuz, to quote Hov again, "I bounce up like round ball."

Anyway, enough from me. As always, click the title and find out the cost of pleasure in my short story/mini novel and let's get some feedback. As you can guess, it is about infidelity, from a man's POV and how it could all go wrong.

So as always, enjoy... or not!

Blog Marley out with the old and in with the brand spanking!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the dark side of Da Chi

Hey blog heads,

He was up till 3am this morning trying to surpress his anger but in a fit of rage, kept bashing the QWERTY! He had to let it out; get the load of his chest. All it has done is enraged him even more. The Hulk couldn't kcuf with him right now. He's one lose screw away from losing it. He is not the charming friendly guy most have come to know. No. Not right now and seemingly, not for a while.

He is destined for greatness like young Skywalker but right now, the Darkside of The Force is overwhelming him. He is young Ryu. Searching for the ultimate center but the Dark Hadou is calling his name. He is strong of will but weak in flesh. He must not stumble. He must stand tall. Stand strong. He is a conqueror. They can only shake him but they will not break him. He is Destiny's Child. A survivor.

The King of Cheer will be back. Right now, life is catching up with him at full speed. This was not the life sold to him in his youth. He has been hoodwinked and he wants his money back!!!


That is why he is the King. Regardless of what he's going through, he still has his funny bone in check. He really isn't that mad. He's more of disappointed. In himself and his world around him at large. A series of 'why' questions abound (Aunty Bella knows all about it) and he will get to the bottom of it. He just needs to get there - pronto (his new favorite word)!

So in love and life (the same thing in my mind), all that really matters, he will excel and so will you. Writing is my release. I have released some tension. And now I unleash...

the beast from the east

click on the above title to discover what's got me so mad. It's taken half a year but the tribal dance finally gets a conclusion... for now.

That's why I'm mad!

BM out like Pac's millionth CD.

PS - I found a draft in my blog that had been saved for a minute as well. It's concluded now. Click the title to know What's really good with Hov & B?

Enjoy... or not!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

on november 21st, the kingdom comes in blue!

What's up blogheads?

Today is the official release date for albums from two of hip-hop's most revered MCs.

Calvin Broadus a.k.a. Snoop Dogg spoils us with The Blue Carpet Treatment while Shawn Carter a.k.a. Jay-Z, returns after a three year hiatus with Kingdom Come. Last week, I dropped an overview of Jay's album and in line with its official release, I have also dropped a review today. Unfortunately, I was only able to cop the advance copy of Snoop's album before post time, so I couldn't review The Doggfather. Apologies.

Worry not about this bad habit bloggers, I will get back to doing what ya'll love (and hate, we can never forget hate) me for - Bloggin' Outta Control! I'm just in a funny place emotionally and mentally. Music is my therapy and writing my release, so that's all I can focus on at this point in time.

In a bit.

Click here for the Kingdom Come review.

Blog Marley out like south!

Friday, November 17, 2006

update... show me what you got!


I've been bad. Very bad. I've been lazy. Extremely lazy. I've been excited. Truly excited. I'm talking mess. A helluva stinking mess.


I forgot blog world like a silly kid. Turning my back on those who really count. Forgiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me!

I won't say I'm back cuz I know it will take a while for me to be fully immersed in it again. I'm sowwee! (Like you really care)


Anyway, I have posted but I'm not too sure many will be happy with what I have put down. What I mean is, it is not my usual 'out-of-my-mind' stuff but just an overview on Jay-Z's new album. It was kind of requested by a friend I have offended. She doesn't understand my humor so she took somethings I said seriously. So this is a public apology to Spiderwoman. I'm sorry honey! Please come back to the world of msn and make chatting worth it again. Please?


Anyway, like I said, I have posted on the REAL Return of The King and not that wannabe ATLien (yeah, I said it. WHUT?!?). So if you are interested or are just bored enough to read some stuff, click here.

Enjoy... or not!

Blog Marl out like the opposite of in!